Drilling Anchor System

Drilling Anchor System -Technologies in Construction and Underground Mining Introduction: The core of the Onton Self-Drilling Anchor Bolt is a hollow, thick-walled, central drilling rod with a drill bit at the top. The system is modular, meaning that the most appropriate configuration can be put together to suit on-site circumstances and the forces that apply… read more →

Soil Nails & Rock Bolts Anchoring

Origin: The technique of soil nailing began to evolve in the early 1970’s. It developed from the New Austrian Tunneling method which is a system for underground excavations in rock. It has been successful utilized worldwide for excavation support and slope stabilization and its use continues to grow rapidly. Introduction: Most of the time, these.. read more →

Micropiles, Rock Drilling Rigs and Hollow Bar Anchors

Introduction Micropiles, sometime are called as minipiles, anchor piles or root piles, are widely used in foundations constructions. Especially for underpinning or emergency repairs, it is an effective method to provide reinforcement. Micropiles normally consist of high-strength, small-diameter threaded steel bar. After the injection of cement, micropiles can supply 1,000 tons strength and more. In.. read more →