Tunnels applied Self-Drilling Anchors

Tunnels applied Self-Drilling Anchors


JIAZHUQING Tunnel is the first tunnel with potential dangers of coal and gas outburst in the history of Chinese railway tunnel construction. It started in 1993, completely finished and opened to traffic in May 11th, 1996.

The tunnel is located in Wei-Hong section of Nanning-Kunming Railway, and ONTON self drilling anchors had been used in large numbers.

Daxiangling Tunnel

Started from 2007, the construction of Daxiangling Tunnel was finished in 2012.

The maximum burial depth of this tunnel is 1648m, also the maximum depth of tunnels in China. This project passed through 15 faults, with soft rocks, abundant underground water, was extremely difficult to achieve. our self drilling anchors had played an important role in stabilisation.

ONTON Rock Bolts in Kunlunshan Tunnel

KUNLUNSHAN Tunnel, the longest plateau permafrost region tunnel of the world. The tunnel was built between 2001 and 2002. The overall length is 1686 meters and elevation 4648 meters. It was called the NO.1 main projects in Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction.

Wet shotcreting temporary support technology was applied in this project. And we supplied rock bolts to it.

Meanwhile, the longest tunnel of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, YANGBAJING Tunnel, also used our SDA Rock Bolts.