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Drill Bits for self-drilling anchoring system

Button Bit for CTS DYWIDAG Minova drilling systems

Drill bit is used for drilling, which is installed with anchor bars. As there is no need to pull out of the anchor bar, drill bit can be used for only one time. After the anchor bars are installed, drill bits will be left in the borehole. ONTON provides a full range of drill bits to meet customers’ requirements. Drill bit is widely used in tunnel pre-support, soil nailing, slope stabilization, building foundation, etc.

1. It’s suitable for various conditions, such as tunnel pre-support, soil nailing, slope stabilization, building foundation.

2. Easy installation.

3. Different bits for kinds of rock formations, including cross-cut drill bit, button drill bit, tungsten carbide cross-cut drill bit,tungsten carbide button drill bit, clay bit, etc.

Drill Bit Features

  • Can be customized
  • ISO9001 & CE Certificated
  • Can be casted or forged
  • Radial systematic anchoring

Main selection criteria for drilling bits

1. Service life of the drill bits should be at least equal to the anchor bar

2. Its performance design depends on different ground formations encountered

3. Diameter depends on geotechnical conditions and design requirements

4. Face stabilization

5. Radial systematic anchoring

6. Foundation for avalanche protect

7. Stabilization of tunnel portals


9. Root piling

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