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R51 Self-Drilling Soil Nail

ONTON® R51 Self Drilling Soil Nail features a wide range of applications such as soil nails, micropiles, rock bolts, or ground anchors. It is applied to self-drilling ground control solution used in Civil Engineering and underground construction.

Soil nails are used for stabilizing slopes and excavations.


Civil Engineering Underground Mining and Tunneling
1. Pile foundation 1. Stabilization of tunnel portals, trenches, and cut-and-cover areas
2. Slope and embankment stabilization 2. Forepoling
3. Reinforcement of excavation pits and retaining walls 3. Face stabilization
4. Foundation of pylons and wind mills 4. Radial rock bolting
5. Anchorage of avalanche protection structures and noise barriers 5. Roof and rib bolting
6. Injection works 6. Injection works



Certifications of R51 self-drilling soil nail

Certifications of R51 self-drilling soil nail

R51 Self-Drilling Soil Nail Features

  • The anchor rod features a hollow bore for flushing, or simultaneous drilling and grouting.
  • It is manufactured in accordance EN 10083-1 standard.
  • The Standard thread profile is according to ISO 1720 or ISO 10208. This makes the bond between the rod and grout concrete strong enough.
R51 self drilling soil nail left hand thread

R51 self drilling soil nail left hand thread

  • The manufacturing process assures the balance of yield strength and ductility. Prevent hollow bar anchors from sudden fracture while drilling.

Bending Test hollow bar

  • All parts of the system can be supplied with surface treatment, with a hot-dip galvanised finish or with a duplex coating.
galvanized self-drilling hollow bar anchors

galvanized self-drilling hollow bar anchors

Customize service

Good Ductility checked on site by a bending test to 180 degrees, good  machinability and drillable:

bend and boring SDA hollow bar

bend and boring SDA hollow bar

Typical technical performance for R51 Self-Drilling Soil Nail:

R51 SDA Hollow Bar Specifications
SDA Size Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Ultimate Load (kN) Yield Load (kN) Weight (kg/m)
R51L 51 37 550 450 6.0
R51N 51 33 800 630 8.4
Other standards available on request

Established in the early 1990s.

The first and best manufacturer of SDA ( Self-drilling Anchor Rock Bolt ) in China.

ONTON Technology Co., Ltd. is the main compiling units of the Chinese Railway Standard named “Technical Regulations for Hollow Bolt”.

We participate in the ministry of railways Self-drilling Anchor Rock Bolt standards and almost all of the high-speed railway construction in china.

OEM accepted.

1. Products standards:
‘EU Construction Products Directive’: EN 14199:2005 Micropiles and EN 14490:2010 Soil Nails.

2. What the EU standards require?
EN 14199:2005 “Micropiles”, clause 6.2.1 and EN 14490:2010 “Soil Nails”, clause require:
Yield Stress, fyk, between 400 to 600 MPa (60 to 87 ksi)
Ductility (Elongation Agt > 5% required by EN 10080, ASASTM A615 , ASASTM A370)
All the required properties above are tested of Finished hollow-bar, NOT raw materials.

3. What is Agt?
Agt denotes the elongation up to ultimate load without reduction of cross-section.
It is not to be confused with total elongation, A, up to rupture.
Usually elongation, A, has double the value of Agt.

4. What is the standard of quality for SDA? Is the higher the strength, the better?
No, the grade of material strength is based on its yield strength. However, for the Grade of Product Quality, the key index should be its ductility (i.e. the values of Agt and Rm/Rp0.2, according to Eurocode EC2).

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