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T76 Hollow Threaded IBO Anchor Bar Series

A good alternative to Ischebeck Titan CTS Drilling System. Self-drilling, injection boring anchoring systems for underground works.

ONTON® T76 Hollow Threaded IBO Anchor Bar Series (Self Drilling Anchor, IBO) features a wide range of applications such as soil nails, micropiles, rock bolts, or ground anchors. It is applied to self-drilling ground control solution used in Civil Engineering and underground construction.

You can see its application in Deep Foundation like micropiles, Earth Retention like soil nail walls. Self-Drilling is easy drilling than CFA (Continuous Flight Auger, or Auger Cast piles).


Civil Engineering Underground Mining and Tunneling
1. Pile foundation 1. Stabilization of tunnel portals, trenches, and cut-and-cover areas
2. Slope and embankment stabilization 2. Forepoling
3. Reinforcement of excavation pits and retaining walls 3. Face stabilization
4. Foundation of pylons and wind mills 4. Radial rock bolting
5. Anchorage of avalanche protection structures and noise barriers 5. Roof and rib bolting
6. Injection works 6. Injection works



Product Attributes

  • Matching System: Ischebeck TITAN/CTS Drilling Systems
  • Surface treatment: galvanized,epoxy
  • Material: Steel, S460
  • Usage: mining,tunnel,slope,foundation pit
 Typical technical performance for T76 Threaded Drilling IBO Hollow Bars:
SDA Hollow Bar Specifications
SDA Size Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Ultimate Load (kN) Yield Load (kN) Weight (kg/m)
T76N 76 51 1600 1200 15.0
T76S 76 44 1900 1500 19.7
Other standards available on request
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