Coupling for Anchor Bars, end chamfering process

As a manufacturer of self-drilling anchor bars, Onton always pays attention to products from European famous factories. Recently I found one of their hollow bar anchors are a bit different in the terminal chamfer. I won’t evaluate how their process mode is, but will tell why we make the chamfer like this. The normal length.. read more →

20 May 2023
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What a tensile stress/strain curve tells

Hollow bar anchor manufacturers carry out tensile test to ensure the self-drilling anchor rods are strong enough. The values are plotted on a coordinate graph – with strain elongation along the x-axis and stress, typically in MPa, along the y-axis. Figure 1 shows a typical tensile stress/strain curve. Figure 1. Tensile Stress/Strain Curve Figure 2… read more →

13 May 2023
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What should we concern when purchasing self-drilling anchor?

Experienced buyers may find there is a difference in the model types of self-drilling anchor among all suppliers. Naming methods Atlas MAI (now belongs to Orica) self-drilling anchors are identified by the combination of alphabets & numbers. For instance, R32N R means the rope thread. 32 is the outer diameter of hollow bar. N represents.. read more →

06 May 2023
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