29 Dec 2016

TITAN Hollow Bar Anchors

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CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar anchors are manufactured from high yield micro alloy steel tubing, a patented material supplied exclusively to us by Ischebeck GmbH, a world renowned manufacturer of construction technology systems.

CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bars are installed using the injection bored method, which involves pumping at pressure a cementitious grout while the CTS®/TITAN IBO® hollow bar is drilled into the grout. This method has many geotechnical benefits and it improves a project’s overall efficiency.



  • Difficult soil conditions
  • High installation rate
  • Limited access
  • No casing required
  • Extra corrosion protection
  • Decreased labor & material cost


  • New construction
  • Underpinning
  • Settlement/ stabilization
  • Earth retention
  • Slope stabilization: soil nails, micropiles.
  • Tunneling
  • Tie down and tie back anchors

This information comes from Con-Tech Systems Editing release.

Attached is an incisive explanation from Ernst F. Ischebeck.

Ernst – Hollow Bar Paper Titan

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