Anchor Drill Bits

Self Drilling Accessories

Drill Bits Selection

EXHardened cross bit for loose to medium dense ground conditions
EXXTC cross bit for soft to medium rock formations
ESHardened button bit for unconsolidated rock with boulders
ESSButton bit with TC inserts for medium rock formations
ECHardened arch bit for unconsolidated soil with small boulders
ECCTC arch bit for soft to medium rock formations
EYHardened 3 cutters bit for loose to medium dense ground conditions
EYYTC 3 cutters bit for soft to medium rock formations
EWCasting clay bit with optimized geometry for very soft to soft caly

General guide for anchor bits diameters selection (for reference only)

Thread Bits Diameter
R25 ø42, ø51
R32 ø51, ø76, ø90
R38 ø76, ø90, ø100, ø110, ø115, ø130
R51 ø76, ø90, ø100, ø110, ø115,
ø130, ø150
T30 ø42, ø51, ø76, ø90
T40 ø76, ø90, ø110, ø115
T52 ø76, ø90, ø110, ø115, ø130, ø150
T73 ø130, ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200
T76 ø130, ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200
T103 ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200,

Anchor Plates


Anchor Plates Specifications

Rock Bolt TypeDimensionsThicknessHole DiameterWeight
R25150*150 mm8 mm30 mm1.4 Kg
R32L150*150 mm8 mm35 mm1.3 Kg
R32N200*200 mm10 mm35 mm3.0 Kg
R32S200*200 mm12 mm35 mm3.7 Kg
R38200*200 mm12 mm41 mm3.6 Kg
R51L200*200 mm20 mm60 mm8.8 Kg
R51N200*250 mm40 mm80 mm18.5 Kg
Rock Bolt TypeDimensionsThicknessHole DiameterWeight
T30150*150 mm25 mm40 mm4.2 Kg
T40200*200 mm12 mm56 mm3.5 Kg
T52200*200 mm30 mm65 mm8.5 Kg
T73250*250 mm40 mm80 mm18.0 Kg
T76250*250 mm40 mm80 mm18.0 Kg
T103300*300 mm50 mm110 mm32.0 Kg

Anchor Nuts


Anchor Nuts Specifications

Rock Bolt TypeKey SizeLengthHardnessWeight
R2541 mm35 mmHRC 25-300.25 Kg
R32N46 mm45 mmHRC 25-300.35 Kg
R32S46 mm65 mmHRC 25-300.55 Kg
R3850 mm55 mmHRC 25-300.50 Kg
R5175 mm70 mmHRC 25-301.55 Kg
Rock Bolt TypeKey SizeLengthHardnessWeight
T3046 mm35 mmHRC 25-300.36 Kg
T4065 mm50 mmHRC 25-300.85 Kg
T5280 mm70 mmHRC 25-302.35 Kg
T73100 mm70 mmHRC 25-302.45 Kg
T76100 mm80 mmHRC 25-302.70 Kg
T103125 mm120 mmHRC 25-305.15 Kg

Anchor Couplings


Anchor Couplings Specifications


Rock Bolt TypeDiameterLengthHardnessWeight
R2535 mm120 mmHRC 25-300.45 Kg
R32L42 mm145 mmHRC 25-300.75 Kg
R32N42 mm160 mmHRC 25-300.80 Kg
R32S42 mm190 mmHRC 25-300.95 Kg
R3852 mm220 mmHRC 25-301.85 Kg
R51L63 mm140 mmHRC 25-301.30 Kg
R51N63 mm200 mmHRC 25-301.90 Kg
Rock Bolt TypeOutside DiameterLengthHardnessWeight
T3038 mm105 mmHRC 25-300.45 Kg
T4054 mm140 mmHRC 25-301.20 Kg
T5270 mm160 mmHRC 25-302.30 Kg
T7395 mm220 mmHRC 25-305.10 Kg
T76N95 mm200 mmHRC 25-304.30 Kg
T76S97 mm220 mmHRC 25-305.40 Kg
T103133 mm240 mmHRC 25-3011.20 Kg

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