T-Thread Self Drilling Hollow Bar

T – Threaded Hollow Bars

Thread Profile: All thread, commonly referred to as fully threaded, continuously threaded. The T Thread is according to T international standard. It is an alternative to Titan IBO drilling bars for CTS system.

Steel Material: C45E/S460NH

Surface Treatment: Galvanized or Epoxy coating when necessary.

Others: Chamfered, stamped or color coded for grade identification when necessary.



Installation of Self Drilling T Bar Anchors

  1. Connect the anchor bar to the drill rig
  2. Anchor bar inserting, shotcrete spraying, drilling and grouting could be done simultaneously,by using plate and nut to anchoring the anchor bar.


  • Stabilization of excavations
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Stabilization and renovation of land slips
  • Road construction
  • Renovation of retaining walls, tunnels
  • Mining
  • Slope stabilization
  • Soil anchors

Surface Treatment:

  • Anti-rusty Oil
  • Painting
  • Hot dip galvanizing (HDG)
  • Epoxy
  • HDG + Epoxy



T Threaded Hollow Bar T30 T40L T40N T52 T73 T76L T76N T76S T103
Average Inner Diameter 11.0 mm 20.0 mm 16.0 mm 26.0 mm 35.0 mm 58.0 mm 51.0 mm 44.0 mm 51.00 mm
Cross-Sectional Area 408 mm² 636 mm² 790 mm² 1250 mm² 2395 mm2 1610 mm² 1990 mm² 2400 mm² 5100 mm²
Yield Load 260 kN 430 kN 525 kN 730 kN 1435 kN 1000 kN 1200 kN 1500 kN 2660 kN
Ultimate Tensile Load 320 kN 540 kN 660 kN 930 kN 1865 kN 1200 kN 1600 kN 1900 kN 3460 kN
Yield Stress 635 MPa 676 MPa 665 MPa 580 MPa 600 MPa 620 MPa 600 MPa 620 MPa 520 MPa
Ultimate Stress 785 MPa 849 MPa 835 MPa 750 MPa 780 MPa 750 MPa 800 MPa 790 MPa 680 MPa
Weight 3.20 kg/m 5.00 kg/m 6.20 kg/m 9.90 kg/m 18.80 kg/m 12.60 kg/m 15.60 kg/m 17.00 kg/m 40.00 kg/m
Elongation Agt > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5%




ONTON: Innovating Construction Solutions with T-Thread Soil Anchors


At the forefront of the construction industry, ONTON is acclaimed for pioneering anchor solutions characterized by precision engineering and reliability. We take pride in our extensive product range that caters to diverse project needs, with standout offerings like the T-Thread Soil Anchors, recognized for their exceptional quality, durability, and unmatched performance.


Unmatched performance


The T-Thread Soil Anchors epitomize strength and adaptability. Crafted meticulously from premium materials, these anchors boast exceptional durability and resilience. Their unique T-thread design ensures a firm grip across various soil conditions, providing stability in diverse terrains. The versatility of T-Bar Anchors enables them to penetrate different soil types effortlessly, establishing robust foundations that endure over time.

Similarly, the T-Bar Anchors showcase innovation and functionality. Engineered with a specialized bar-shaped configuration, T-Bar Anchors excel in demanding environments. Their expanded surface area enhances load-bearing capacity, minimizing the risk of displacement and delivering unparalleled stability. Whether fortifying foundations or stabilizing embankments, these anchors epitomize strength and reliability.


Streamlined Installation


The installation process for both the T-Thread Soil Anchors stands as a testament to efficiency and simplicity. Leveraging their self-drilling capabilities, T-Bar Anchors redefine ease of installation in construction projects. Traditional methods often entail time-consuming pre-drilling, adding complexities and labor costs to projects. However, ONTON’s anchors eliminate this cumbersome step, streamlining the installation process significantly.

Professionals in the construction industry find immense value in this streamlined installation. Without the need for pre-drilling, T-Bar Anchors save crucial time and resources, allowing for quicker project completions. The user-friendly nature of these anchors empowers construction teams to execute their tasks efficiently, meeting deadlines while maintaining quality standards. This streamlined installation not only reduces labor costs but also minimizes disruptions on-site, ensuring a smoother workflow for construction projects of various scales.


Versatility in Applications


The versatility of T-Thread Soil Anchors extends across diverse industries and applications. In civil engineering projects, T-Bar Anchors secure structures, stabilize soil and fortify foundations. Their significance within construction endeavors spans from anchoring retaining walls to providing essential structural support. Their adaptability across varied terrains and project requirements solidifies their position as indispensable solutions for professionals seeking robust anchoring options.

Moreover, their applications are not confined solely to traditional construction domains. These anchors find utility in unconventional terrains and specialized projects. From slope stabilization in geotechnical engineering to securing anchor points for temporary structures in event management, their adaptability shines through in diverse scenarios. Their ability to cater to different project requirements showcases the versatility and robustness of ONTON’s anchors, making them a versatile solution across industries and specialized fields.


Customizable Surface Treatments


ONTON offers customizable surface treatments for their anchors. The galvanized finish, renowned for its exceptional corrosion resistance, ensures prolonged durability, especially in harsh environments. Complementing this, the epoxy coating acts as an added shield against environmental elements, significantly extending the anchors’ lifespan and fortifying their resilience.

In summary, ONTON’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and precision engineering is evident in the T-Thread Soil Anchors. Our streamlined installation process, versatile applications across industries, and customizable surface treatments make them the go-to choice for professionals seeking top-tier anchoring solutions in the construction domain. For more information about our outstanding anchors, contact us today.

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