1. After each lot delivered and arrived at customers’ warehouses or job sites, ONTON will ask the customers to check the products appearance.
2. Before installation, ONTON would like to supply technology support, like the installation method and test method.
3. After installation, ONTON will ask customers the installation situation.
4.If there are some difficult formations or other obstacles that cannot be solved by remote support, ONTON will go to the job site to support the operator to solve the installation problem.
5. Months or years after installation, ONTON would like to go to the job site to check the durable anchorage of self drilling anchor bars with owners or engineers.

Raw material 100% appearance checking, 8% size inspection and 8% property test.
Semi-finished products 8% size inspection.
Finished products before delivery, 100% appearance checking, 8% size inspection and 3% property test.
The thread dimensions of ALL anchor hollow bars are continuously monitored with thread gauges.

ONTON products complys to: ASTM A615, EN14199 and EN10080.

ONTON bends itself to do long-term inventory on several types of self drilling anchor bars, R25, R32, R38 and R51. If customers need those anchor bars, ONTON could delivery one to three containers immediately.

ONTON has the production capacity of 1,200 million meters of self drilling hollow bars with 6 production lines, and we have achieved 1,000 miillion meters safe applicaion in more than 40 projects both domestic and oversea in 2022.

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