Rope Thread Self Drilling Hollow Bar
Rope Thread Self Drilling Hollow Bar
T-thread self drilling hollow bar
T-Thread Self Drilling Hollow Bar
Self Drilling Accessories
Self Drilling Anchor Accessories

Features of Self-drilling Threaded Anchors

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Self drilling threaded anchors can achieve drilling and grouting in one step to greatly reduce installation time.

1. Drilling. Use a trolley or drilling rig to drill the threaded anchor rod connected to the drill bit to the designed depth.  2. Grouting. Remove the drilling rig, install the grout stopper, 25cm away from the hole. Connect the exposed end of the threaded anchor rod to the grouting machine through a quick grouting joint. Start the machine to grout.  3. Stop the grouting machine when the grouting is full and the pressure reaches the design value. The grouting pressure is determined based on the design parameters and grouting machine performance. Water-cement ratio reference value: (0.35~0.45):1.  4. Install backing plate and nut to lock the anchor rod according to design.


With R thread (ISO 10208 & ISO 1720) and T thread (T international standard), the self drilling threaded anchor bars could be left hand or right hand thread.

R thread and most T thread anchor rods usually left hand, and T73 anchor bar is right hand thread. But the thread direction could be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Features of Self-drilling Anchor Accessories

Self drilling anchor system is a set of rod body, anchor coupling, anchor nut, drill bit, anchor plate, centralizer… The entire self-drilling system as a whole to be used to anchor collapse soil or rock formations.

Anchor Coupling

Anchor coupling

The high-strength coupling lengthens the self drilling anchor rods, which can be applied to a narrow construction space and realize the design idea of extra-long anchor rods to strengthen the surrounding rock. It has a unique tapered center stop which seals the hollow bar connection to minimize grout leakage during simultaneous grouting and drilling.


Anchor nut

Nut has hex and spherical types to lock the plate and to transmit force from anchor bar to plate and finally to the working face. A full 100% ultimate tension or compression strength component to the self drilling anchor bar.

Carbide Cross Bit
Carbide Cross Bit
Carbide Cross Bit

Drill bit

Alloy drill bit with strong penetrating power in front of the anchor rods, which can easily penetrate all kinds of rocks under the action of rock drilling tools. The continuous corrugated threads complete drilling of anchor holes with a drill bit.

Anchor plate

Anchor plate

To be used with anchor nut to lock the anchor bar, to transmit load force from the self drilling anchor system to the work face.



In deep holes drilling with lengthened anchor bars (could be connected by coupler), the bar is easy to swing, by attaching a steel centralizer in front of the coupler during drilling to prevent the anchor bar from big swing, so as to guarantee the drilling and grouting quality.


Customizable options

Drill bit has various types, steel and carbide with ES, ESS, EX, EXX, EW…

Anti-corrosion option: HDG, Epoxy, HDG & Epoxy double coating, Stainless steel…

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