Rope Thread Self Drilling Hollow Bar

Rope Threaded Hollow Bars

Thread Profile: All rope thread, commonly referred to as fully rope threaded, continuously threaded. The Rope Thread is according to ISO 10208

Steel Material: C45E/S460NH

Surface Treatment: Galvanized or Epoxy coating when necessary.

Others: Chamfered, stamped or color coded for grade identification when necessary.




Higher Performance

Longer Retention Period

Agt > 5%

Rm/Rp0.2 > 1.15

Quality Improvement

Lower Deviation Value
Quality Stability
Standard Product Sampling

Higher Precision

Better Appearance
More Satisfied Customers

Installation of Self Drilling Hollow Bar

  1. Connect the anchor bar to the drill rig
  2. Inserting anchor bar and spraying shotcrete, drilling and grouting could be done simultaneously
  3. Applying plate and nut, anchoring the anchor bar


  • Stabilization of excavations
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Stabilization and renovation of land slips
  • Road construction
  • Renovation of retaining walls, tunnels
  • Mining
  • Slope stabilization

Surface Treatment:

  • Anti-rusty Oil
  • Painting
  • Hot dip galvanizing (HDG)
  • Epoxy
  • HDG + Epoxy





R Thread

Hollow Bar

R25 R32L R32N R32S R32SS R38N R51L R51N
Average Inner


12.0 mm 21.5 mm 20.5 mm 17.0 mm 15.0 mm 22.0 mm 36.0 mm 34.0 mm


230 m²

304 mm² 365 mm² 440 mm² 520 mm² 519 mm² 700 mm² 900 mm²


150 kN 160 kN 230 kN 280 kN 330 kN 400 kN 450 kN 630 kN
Ultimate Tensile


200 kN 210 kN 280 kN 360 kN 400 kN 500 kN 550 kN 800 kN


650 Mpa 526 Mpa 630 Mpa 640 Mpa 630 Mpa 770 Mpa 640 Mpa 700 Mpa


870 Mpa 690 Mpa 770 Mpa 820 Mpa 770 Mpa 960 Mpa 790 Mpa 880 Mpa


1.80 kg/m 2.60 kg/m 2.90 kg/m 3.40 kg/m 4.10 kg/m 4.00 kg/m 5.60 kg/m 7.00 kg/m


> 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5% > 5%





Enhance Stability and Security with ONTON’s Superior R-Type Threaded Bar Anchors


In construction and civil engineering, ensuring stability and security is paramount. Choosing anchoring solutions can make all the difference for building foundations, retaining walls, or other structural applications. ONTON, a leading provider of construction and engineering solutions, offers a range of superior products designed to enhance stability and security, including R-type threaded bar anchors.



The Power of R-Type Soil Screw Anchors


R-type soil screw anchors, often referred to as helical anchors or screw piles, have revolutionized foundation solutions in construction. ONTON’s soil screw anchors are engineered with precision and made from high-quality materials to deliver outstanding performance.

  • Enhanced Stability: ONTON’s soil screw anchors are designed to penetrate the soil deeply, providing exceptional stability and load-bearing capacity. This makes them suitable for various soil conditions, ensuring reliable support for various applications.
  • Quick and Cost-Effective Installation: Installing ONTON’s soil screw anchors is a swift and straightforward process, significantly reducing project timelines and costs. Its innovative design requires minimal excavation, saving both time and resources.
  • Environmentally Friendly: In an era of environmental awareness, ONTON’s R-type soil screw anchors stand out as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete foundations. They can be easily removed and reused, reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with construction projects.



R-Type Threaded Bar Anchors: Unmatched Security


ONTON’s R-Type threaded bar anchors are engineered to provide unmatched security in construction projects. These anchors are designed to resist tension forces and are well-suited for various applications, including structural support and reinforcement.

  • High Tensile Strength: Crafted from premium materials, ONTON’s R-Type threaded bar anchors boast exceptional tensile strength. This characteristic makes them ideal for applications where security and structural integrity are paramount.
  • Easy Installation: ONTON’s R-Type threaded bar anchors are designed with easy installation in mind. This user-friendly feature not only saves valuable time but also reduces labor costs. They are versatile and can be used in various construction scenarios, from building projects to bridge construction.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Durability is a crucial factor in construction, and ONTON’s threaded bar anchors are engineered with corrosion resistance in mind. They offer a long service life, even in challenging environments where exposure to moisture and other corrosive elements is a concern.



Applications, Installation, and Surface Treatment Options


ONTON’s R-Type threaded bar anchors find applications in a wide range of construction scenarios, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. They are suitable for foundations, retaining walls, stabilization, and structural reinforcement.
Installation of these anchors is straightforward, typically involving drilling or screwing them into the ground or structures. ONTON provides comprehensive installation guides to ensure proper and efficient setup.
Surface treatment options are available further to enhance the durability and aesthetics of these products. Depending on your project’s requirements, you can choose from various surface treatments, including galvanization and epoxy coatings, to protect against corrosion and provide an attractive finish.



ONTON’s Commitment to Excellence


ONTON is dedicated to providing top-notch construction solutions, and its R-Type threaded bar anchors are no exception. These products are backed by extensive research and development, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards for safety and performance.
With ONTON’s products, you can enhance stability and security in your construction projects, whether building a residential home, a commercial complex, or a critical infrastructure project. Its soil screw anchors and R-Type threaded bar anchors are reliable choices that professionals have trusted in the field for years.





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