A history of Self-Drilling Anchor (Game of Thrones version)

The story happens in Westeros is very popular. It is the same in the history of self drilling anchor bolting development.

Let’s take a look at these real groups.


A History of Self Drilling Anchor 1

The founder and former ruler:

Atlas copco,is the first company to use SDA Hollow Bars in railways in 1980’s.

Basic structure & function: Rope Thread, Tensile Strength, Injection Boring, etc.

Almost unchanged technic data are required so far.

(Such as R32N: Out diameter=32mm, Ultimate tensile load=280kN, Yield load=230kN)

The main fields are tunneling and Mining.

Atlas’ monopoly at bolting field had kept for over 20 years due to its powerful position in mining and underground rigs.

Just like Targaryen family, right?

With the help of Dragons (just like Atlas’ dominant compressors and rock drill tools), they governed Westeros for nearly 300 years!

Who is the last dominator?

When times entered the 21st century, there are other powers began to influence the self-drilling anchor business.

First is the application has expanded to civil engineering.

Self-drilling anchor is very suitable for micropile and soil nail.

And these techniques are more widely used and developed.

Second is the development of threads.

Although standard rope threads are still used in tunneling and mining, the bonding strength between rock/soil is weaker compared to other new type threads.

Famous like:

Williams Form Engineering Corp, Ischebeck Titan. And their thread standard respectively is:

Williams’ Unique Thread Form

A History of Self Drilling Anchor 2

Williams’ Unique Thread Form self drilling anchor

This special thread provides higher relative rib area at 3 times than the conventional bar.





A History of Self Drilling Anchor 3

Titan’s Trapezoidal Thread

Titan Thread Self Drilling Anchor

Titan’s drilling systems are widely used in recent years.

The ductility and shear bond are obviously better than ever.

Besides Williams and Titan, ARCO supplies another self-drilling anchor with super high strength.

Its R32 termic self drilling rods provide over 1100 Mpa tensile strength and over 900 Mpa yield stress.


That means contractors can use smaller anchors to achieve the design value. Cost is saved a lot.

When Atlas sold its self drilling anchor business to Minova in 2011, the next king in the iron industry had changed to DSIBaratheon in the construction and underground industry.Now, the market of self-drilling anchor is increasing. Each company has its own influence region.Eastern Power is unpredictable: here we have the advantages of low cost, and technics are in progress.For example, OntonBolt, a famous self-drilling anchor manufacturer.Its origin is from Atlas Mai, when it first entered China in 90’s.Same as ARCO rock bolt, Onton self-drilling anchor hollow bars have good ductility and high strength.The story of self-drilling anchor is far away to be ended.The drilling and reinforcing in soil and rock won’t stop.Who can be the next anchoring king?


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