Built-in-Resin Prestressed Self Drilling Hollow Bar – ONTON’s New Patent

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/kzeRktj0NE4


Borehole Drilling and Cleaning

Advantages of built-in resin prestressed self drilling hollow bar

a. Embedded resin capsules with tapered resin outlet anchor head:

• Solve the problems such as resin capsules fall down from vault construction and difficulty in advancing resin capsules in slightly collapsed holes, ensuring that the resin capsules are pushed to the bottom of the hole accurately, reliably and completely.


built-in resin prestressed self drilling hollow bar

b. Two-step process:

• Reduce the process of resin capsules into the anchor hole, suitable for all types of construction machinery and operation methods, which can realize the mechanization of the whole process of bolt construction and can significantly improve the work efficiency. A single bolt construction time is no more than 4.5 minutes.



built-in resin prestressed self drilling hollow bar


c. Built-in blade to thicken the anchor rod body:

• The resin is squeezed into the bottom of the anchor hole, and the capsule package remains in the rod, so the influence of capsule package on the anchoring performance is excluded. The optimized three paths matching is to improve the anchoring quality and to make the anchoring force reach more than 100kN.




For video viewing, please click https://youtu.be/kzeRktj0NE4



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