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Rock Bolts

Rock Bolts

Self drilling rock bolts application is according to the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM). The applications include: slope stabilization, rock fall netting, Fence interception, tunnel entrance stabilization or avalanche protection barrier.

Soil Nails

Soil Nails

Self drilling soil nails provide friction, shear and tension strength in loose or collapsing soils. The ONTON hollow bar allows drilling and grouting to be combined as a single operation step. All hollow bars fully comply with EN 14490 (European standard for soil nails).



Self-drilling micropiles can be installed in structural foundations or near the buildings. ONTON self-drilling hollow baris hollow with fully threaded, and can be extended and grouted to deeper ground. ONTON self-drilling micropiles comply with European EN 14199 and American ASTM A-615 standards.



Special design or requirements on job site will need non-standard self-drilling anchor bars to achieve special anchorage in rock or soil ground. ONTON may design the self-drilling anchor bars and accessories according to customers special requirement. Like bending bar, drilling holes bar.

Equipments And Installation


Drilling method

The self drilling hollow bars are typically installed using rotary percussive drilling. Drilling and Grouting are simultaneous.


Drilling rigs

Self-drilling anchor hollow bars are mostly equipped with hydraulic rotary percussion drill devices (the top hammer). Manual hand held drill machine, Geomek D50, Comacchio MC 235, Atlas Copco Roc an Klemm drill rigs are often used.

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Quality Control

- ISO 9001 Quality Management System
- IBO hollow bar products sampling and inspection:

Initial examines: Dimension, Appearance inspection (Raw material steel pipes)

Duplicate examines: performance inspection(IBO hollow bar strength and ductility)

Finished bar examines: Dimension (100%), Appearance (100%) and Tensile Test (3%)


Initial examines


Duplicate examines


Finished bar examines


Onton ISO Certificate
Onton CE Certificate
Onton Environmental Management System Certificate
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