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Self Drilling Accessories

Drill Bits Selection

EXHardened cross bit for loose to medium dense ground conditions
EXXTC cross bit for soft to medium rock formations
ESHardened button bit for unconsolidated rock with boulders
ESSButton bit with TC inserts for medium rock formations
ECHardened arch bit for unconsolidated soil with small boulders
ECCTC arch bit for soft to medium rock formations
EYHardened 3 cutters bit for loose to medium dense ground conditions
EYYTC 3 cutters bit for soft to medium rock formations
EWCasting clay bit with optimized geometry for very soft to soft caly

General guide for anchor bits diameters selection (for reference only) in self drilling anchor system

Thread Bits Diameter
R25 ø42, ø51
R32 ø51, ø76, ø90
R38 ø76, ø90, ø100, ø110, ø115, ø130
R51 ø76, ø90, ø100, ø110, ø115,
ø130, ø150
T30 ø42, ø51, ø76, ø90
T40 ø76, ø90, ø110, ø115
T52 ø76, ø90, ø110, ø115, ø130, ø150
T73 ø130, ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200
T76 ø130, ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200
T103 ø150, ø160, ø180, ø200,

Anchor Plates


Anchor Plates Specifications

Rock Bolt Type Dimensions Thickness Hole Diameter Weight
R25 150*150 mm 8 mm 30 mm 1.4 Kg
R32L 150*150 mm 8 mm 35 mm 1.3 Kg
R32N 200*200 mm 10 mm 35 mm 3.0 Kg
R32S 200*200 mm 12 mm 35 mm 3.7 Kg
R38 200*200 mm 12 mm 41 mm 3.6 Kg
R51L 200*200 mm 20 mm 60 mm 8.8 Kg
R51N 200*250 mm 40 mm 80 mm 18.5 Kg
Rock Bolt Type Dimensions Thickness Hole Diameter Weight
T30 150*150 mm 8 mm 40 mm 1.3 Kg
T40 200*200 mm 12 mm 56 mm 3.5 Kg
T52 200*200 mm 30 mm 65 mm 8.5 Kg
T73 250*250 mm 40 mm 80 mm 18.0 Kg
T76 250*250 mm 40 mm 80 mm 18.0 Kg
T103 300*300 mm 50 mm 110 mm 32.0 Kg

Anchor Nuts


Anchor Nuts Specifications

Rock Bolt TypeKey SizeLengthHardnessWeight
R2541 mm35 mmHRC 25-300.25 Kg
R32N46 mm45 mmHRC 25-300.35 Kg
R32S46 mm65 mmHRC 25-300.55 Kg
R3850 mm55 mmHRC 25-300.50 Kg
R5175 mm70 mmHRC 25-301.55 Kg
Rock Bolt TypeKey SizeLengthHardnessWeight
T3046 mm35 mmHRC 25-300.36 Kg
T4065 mm50 mmHRC 25-300.85 Kg
T5280 mm70 mmHRC 25-302.35 Kg
T73100 mm70 mmHRC 25-302.45 Kg
T76100 mm80 mmHRC 25-302.70 Kg
T103125 mm120 mmHRC 25-305.15 Kg

Anchor Couplings


Anchor Couplings Specifications


Rock Bolt TypeDiameterLengthHardnessWeight
R2535 mm120 mmHRC 25-300.45 Kg
R32L42 mm145 mmHRC 25-300.75 Kg
R32N42 mm160 mmHRC 25-300.80 Kg
R32S42 mm190 mmHRC 25-300.95 Kg
R3852 mm220 mmHRC 25-301.85 Kg
R51L63 mm140 mmHRC 25-301.30 Kg
R51N63 mm200 mmHRC 25-301.90 Kg
Rock Bolt TypeOutside DiameterLengthHardnessWeight
T3038 mm105 mmHRC 25-300.45 Kg
T4054 mm140 mmHRC 25-301.20 Kg
T5270 mm160 mmHRC 25-302.30 Kg
T7395 mm220 mmHRC 25-305.10 Kg
T76N95 mm200 mmHRC 25-304.30 Kg
T76S97 mm220 mmHRC 25-305.40 Kg
T103133 mm240 mmHRC 25-3011.20 Kg

Surface Treatment


Drill bit

  • Painting

Nut, plate & coupling

  • Anti-rusty Oil
  • Painting
  • Hot dip galvanizing (HDG)
  • Epoxy
  • HDG + Epoxy

For more information about our self drilling anchor equipment:

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ONTON's Advanced Self Drilling Anchor System: Tailored Stability Solutions

Self-drilling anchor system

A self drilling anchor system offers a robust solution for precarious ground conditions such as sand, gravel, silt, clays, and soft to medium fractured rock formations. At ONTON, our self-drilling anchor solutions are meticulously crafted to optimize installation, tailored precisely to the unique requirements of each project.

Rock Bolt Types

Self-drilling anchors

These anchors redefine conventional bolting methods by utilizing a streamlined technique. With a sacrificial drill bit and a hollow rod, they penetrate collapsing soil or loose rock. Post-drilling, cementitious grout or resin is injected into the hollow rod and surrounding cavity, elevating self-drilling anchors to a pinnacle of productivity.

Comprising elements

Comprising elements like a hexagonal nut, bearing plate, extension couplings (if involving multiple anchor rod sections), hollow anchor rod(s), and a sacrificial drill bit, our self-drilling anchor bolts guarantee structural integrity and stability in challenging environments.


The applications of ONTON’s self drilling anchor system span across critical sectors:

  • Slope Stabilization
    Unstable rock and soil formations find stability through our self-drilling anchors. The technique’s efficiency in unconsolidated or weathered ground conditions surpasses traditional methods, ensuring swift and uncomplicated installation.
  • Foundations with Micropiles
    Our SDA micropiles, crafted as drilled piles with injected grout and steel reinforcement via anchor rods, suit limited-space sites. Capable of installation in diverse ground conditions, including rock, they accommodate tension and compression loads efficiently, enabling high piling outputs.
  • Tunneling
    For tunnel excavation in overburdened and soft fractured rock conditions, ONTON’s self-drilling anchor system emerge as the most economical solution. They reinforce the tunnel circumference and provide advanced roof support, ensuring safety and stability.

SDA Anchor Components

Hollow Anchor Rods:

Hollow Anchor Rods:

Engineered with a hollow bore for flushing or simultaneous drilling and grouting, our anchor rods boast a durable construction suitable for various applications. Protection against corrosion is offered across our entire range of SDA bars and accessories.
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Extension Couplings

Extension Couplings:

Featuring a patented design ensuring maximum percussive energy transmission between bars, these couplings minimize energy losses, guaranteeing optimal drilling efficiency.
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Bearing Plates:

Bearing Plates:

Customized forged steel plates with articulation capabilities in all directions, ensuring adaptability to diverse applications.
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Hexagonal Nuts:

Hexagonal Nuts:

Manufactured from high precision steel, tempered to meet stringent anchor specifications, ensuring reliability and durability.
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Coupling Adapters, Shanks, and Grout Coupling:

Coupling Adapters, Shanks, and Grout Coupling:

Each component is meticulously crafted and designed to optimize the anchoring process, ensuring durability, precision, and ease of use.
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