Guide to Micropiles for Ground Improvement and Rock Stability

The stability of a structure entirely depends on how strong the foundation is. This explains why many are considering micropiles for ground improvement and rock stability.

Though they are smaller in size, micropiles are efficient in handling heavy architectural structures. The best thing about micropiles is that they not only work in congested and low height areas but also on any soil surface.

At ONTON, we believe in transforming technology into productivity. And, as a leading self drilling rock anchor manufacturer, our R&D capabilities guarantee versatile and high-quality micropiles for ground improvement and rock stability.

The best thing about our self drilling rock anchor series is to penetrate all types of rocks as well as customized micropiles depending on your needs. So, here at ONTON, we have got you covered. Check out micropiles for great offers.

What are Micropiles?


Micropiles, also known as mini piles are non-displacement piles that are usually reinforced heavily. They are designed to withstand axial and lateral roads. Most of its weight is on the high-capacity steel reinforcement.
Micropiles have two major functions: reinforcement and cement grout. They are constructed for drilling boreholes drilling, grouting holes, and placing reinforcement.

Anchoring rod



Why Do You Need Micropiles for Ground Improvement and Rock Stability?


In places with challenging ground conditions such as limited access, artificial obstruction, low headroom, and adjacent structures, micropiles come in handy.

Again, when it comes to retrofitting or placing reinforcements such as landslide or slope stabilization, micropiles play a major role. They are used to renovate the structures, replace any deteriorating foundation systems, and also support other structures affected by adjacent construction.


Applications of Micropiles


Micropile systems play a major role in the foundations of new structures. For instance, the self drilling rock anchor can be used on both new and remedial construction structures such as highway, railways, bridges, and buildings.

Because of their versatility and high load capacity, micropiles can also work on underpinning and shoring.


Benefits of Using Micropiles for Ground Improvement and Rock Stability


  1. Micropiles can be used in any challenging condition of soil and rocks. However, this means you have to deal with a reliable micropile manufacturer who can customize it for your projects.
  2.  Micropiles are suitable for rehabilitation projects, including construction areas that are difficult to access due to restricted terrains.
  3. Micropiles can penetrate any surface, including foundations. That is why a self drilling rock anchor offers one of the best solutions for strengthening works.
  4. Micropiles can also be used in high water tables, pumice formations, urban backfill, sunken structures and old structure rehabilitation.

Bottom Line


Micropiles have emerged as one of the best cost-effective options due to their versatility and wide range of applications. That means you need to find the best self drilling rock anchor manufacturer for your projects. ONTON is your best choice!


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