Rock bolts application and types you should know

Rock bolts are crucial elements in stabilizing rock formations in various industries, from mining to civil engineering.
They are used to reinforce and support rock structures to prevent them from collapsing or shifting, which can pose a serious threat to workers and structures.
There are several types of rock bolts, each designed for specific applications. Here are some common rock bolt applications and types you should know.


Rock Bolts Application and Types


1.Self-drilling Anchor System

Self-drilling anchor system consists of anchor bar, anchor coupling, anchor nut, drill bit, anchor plate, etc… In collapse stratum, loose soil, foundation etc. could be anchored effectively by using this system, which could be drilled and grouted simultaneously, thereby saving of installation time and construction cost. This anchoring system guarantees the safety.

2. Expansion Shell Rock Bolts

These rock bolts consist of a steel tube and an expansion shell that is inserted into a drilled hole in the rock. A cone-shaped wedging expansion shell is connected to the tube and expanded by using a mechanical tool or hydraulic pressure.
This creates a compressive force that anchors the bolt into the rock, providing additional support and stability.

3. Resin Grouted Rock Anchor Bolts

Grouted Rock anchors are bolts that are designed for use in conditions where the rock is fractured or weak. Grouted rock anchors consist of a steel anchor bar and resin which is inserted into a drilled hole in the rock, and then resin is injected around the bolt, filling the cracks or voids in the rock.
This creates a bond between the grouted anchorage surface and the bolt which creates extra support and stability to the rock structure.
The grouted rock anchor also provides resistance to any potential pull-out or lateral movement, making it a reliable choice for applications such as tunneling, mining and slope stabilization.
For example, if there is a slope that is prone to landslides, grouted rock anchor bolts can be used to secure the unstable rock and prevent any further movement.

4. Swellex Rock Bolts

Swellex rock bolts are a type of flexible rock bolts that are used in applications where ground conditions are unstable.
Instead of being fixed in place, Swellex rock bolts expand and contract with the surrounding rock, creating a secure hold even in areas prone to shifting or movement.
These bolts are installed using a specialized tool that hydraulically expands the bolt after it is inserted into the drilled hole. The bolt then conforms to any irregularities in the rock, providing additional support and stability.
Swellex rock bolts are commonly used in underground mining, tunneling and slope stabilization projects where the rock is weak or prone to movement.



5. Threaded Rebar Rock Bolts

Threaded rebar rock bolts consist of a steel bar that is threaded on both ends. The bolt is inserted into a drilled hole in the rock and secured in place with an anchor plate and nut.
This type of rock bolt is commonly used in mining and civil engineering projects where there is a need for extra support and reinforcement of the rock structure. Threaded rebar rock bolts are ideal for use in hard rock conditions where other types of rock bolts may not be effective.

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