R25 Built-in Resin Prestressed Self Drilling Anchor Bar Bench Test

R25 self drilling hollow bar bench test



On August 4th, 2023, ONTON cooperated with Sichuan Xinzhu (Jambo manufacturer) to conducted a bench test on the anchor trolley in the Xinzhu factory, mainly doing R25 built-in resin prestressed hollow anchor bar.





R25 self drilling hollow bar bench test



1. Test of all construction steps and action processes of the equipment meets on-site construction requirements.

2. The equipment adopts an inner and outer sleeve structure. During drilling, the anchor bar and nut are rotated at the same time to mix the resin.




R25 self drilling hollow bar bench test


3. The Jambo is equipped with a tensioning mechanism to pull out the anchor rod and then lock the backing plate and nut to apply prestress.

4. R25 built-in resin anchor test results: head pull-out force >78kN  after resin mixing one minute.

5. Advantages of built-in resin anchors: Compared with ordinary external resin anchors, there is no need to blow resin capsule, so as the construction efficiency is greatly improved.


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