What should we concern when purchasing self-drilling anchor?

Experienced buyers may find there is a difference in the model types of self-drilling anchor among all suppliers.

Naming methods

Atlas MAI (now belongs to Orica) self-drilling anchors are identified by the combination of alphabets & numbers.

For instance,


R means the rope thread.

32 is the outer diameter of hollow bar.

N represents attributes of tensile strength. The other two are L (less) and S (strengthen).


Dywidag DSI names the hollow drill hollow bars as the format:


For example, R32-280, is equal to MAI’s R32N.


Ischebeck Titan and Williams Form’s IBO drill hollow bars are named by diameters.

Their thread forms are also unique.


Technical documents can be downloaded at their official sites.Williams-Form-Drill-Rod-Specifications

How much is self-drilling anchor bar?

It depends on length, strength, and weight.

Of course, quantity and size affect the end price.

Contact Ontonbolt to inquire latest price.

What is IBO self-drilling anchor?

SDA is an anchoring system can be used in tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production.

Sometimes it is known as IBO, drill injection anchor, self drilled hollow bar and so on.

It can be used as rock bolt, micropile or soil nail.

How much does self-drilling hollow bar cost per pound?

The anchor bar is not normally sold by the pound at hardware stores, and industrial applications tend to go by the ton.

Self-drilling anchor is not raw material, processing charges occupy 1/3 of the cost.

Onton masters the skills and technical ability to produce final hollow bars with excellent capacity, able to meet and ensure performances, in compliance with the EN 14199, EN 14490 and US ASTM F432, A615.

Does the threaded anchor comply with my requirements?

All of Onton hollow bar anchors fulfill the requirements of design following the European or American Standards.

Don’t worry about the new anchor bolts can’t match with the former couplers. All is based on drawing in standards.

Moreover, Onton provides free, customized samples.

Next time when you look for good quality self-drilling anchors, try to ask suppliers more questions not only price.

What would you think if a manufacturer doesn’t understand the standard requirements in your area?

In a word, product doesn’t lie.

purchasing quality self-drilling anchor


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